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what we do

We specialize in these main topics

computer hardware

We have a vast knowledge on different types of hardware that are used in modern computers. Computers have been getting more complex each day and learning how they work can be hard to learn.

computer software

There are many different softwares that are used today and each can do several different things. Knowing how to use them and be comfortable can increase your productivity tremendously.


Networking can be a daunting topic to many people but having someone with many years of experience can be very helpful. Here at Blueraylogistic, we will show you the basics and get you up to speed on the latest topics in networking.


These are the main services we provide


Our huge library will have all the information you will ever need for computers. From different operating systems to old hardware components, we have it all.

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We have several courses taught by our instructors which have several years in the field. They can be as slow or fast as you want them to be so you can be at your speed.

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